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Places Around The World

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Places Around The World

Post by TheLastPendragon on Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:18 am

The setting helps set the story, so here are some of the locales in Sonic Legacy:

The United Federation  

The most powerful government on Mobius, the United Federation has control over most of the central continent. The majority of prosperity can be found in Central City, the capital of the Federation, and Station Square, which is its primary tourist attraction. The other cites in the Federation vary from average to terrible, with Westopolis being the worst.

Station Square, the Traveler's Paradise

Emerald Coast- The beach, Still a hot spot for training and relaxing. It's waters are known the world over.

Egg Carrier Ruins- The site where the Egg Carrier crashed during the incidents of the Second Rise of Chaos. This place has had all its weapons removed and has been converted to a museum. It's located in the ocean off the far west of Emerald Coast.

High Speed Rail- What started as a quick way to take workers between the Mystic Ruins and Staion Square is now the fastest way between the major cities of the United Federation.

Twinkle Park- Station Square's amusement park, still famous the world over. It's "Cute Couples Get In Free!" Promotion is still in affect after all this time.

Casinopolis- Bright lights and flashy shows are abound here, where fortune can be won or lost with the spin of a wheel or a roll of a dice.

The Wolf's Den- An up and coming bar and club and all the rage in Station Square's aftet
Square's nightlife.

 Westopolis, the Fallen Light  

Hill Top- Located north of Westopolis, this mountain area sometimes has volcanic activity, although it hasn't effected nearby areas.

Central City, the Shining Capital  

G.U.N. HQ- The Guardian Units of Nations, the United Federation's military, is located somewhere in the city. Most people don't know exactly where it is, though.

The President's Quarters- The President of the United Federation resides here. Leaders from other nations are brought here as well.


Mystic Ruins and other neutral areas  

The Mystic Ruins are the lands once ruled by the Knuckles Tribe, as well as Angel Island's former resting place. Dispite hundreds of years of exploration, there are still plenty of secrets to be found. There are also countless other places around the central continent begging to be explored.

Ice Cap - Icy mountains that are located in both the Mystic Ruins and Angel Island, said to once be part of the same moutain range before Angel Island became airborne. The Ice Cap of Mystic Ruins is a popular ski resort and brings in more money for expeditions to explore the rest of the Mystic Ruins.

Never Lake- A small lake in a location unknown to many. Legends say that the Little Planet appears over Never Lake once a year.

Angel Island- The former home of Knuckles the Echidna and the Guardians of the Master Emerald. It's been concealed ever since Knuckles' death and as of now nobody knows its fate

The ARK Ruins- After a hard-fought battle to once again prevent the ARK from crashing into the earth, a segment of the colony was ripped from the rest and hit ground, devistating the nearby landscape. Those who brave the ruins could find various bits of lost technology and resources for building machines. It's rumored that Shadow the Hedgehog can be seen at these ruins from time to time.

Old Eggmanland- The sight of both Eggman's main place of operations during the Dark Gaia Incident as well as his final battle with Sonic years later. Although not used in many years, much of its systems are still in working order.


Island Nations

These governments are small, but powerful enough to be independant from the United Federation. Each one has a proud history of their own.

South Island, Birthplace of Heroes
The birthplace of both Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower, as well as the starting point of the Eggman Wars.

Green Hill- A once gorgeous and lush place that is now ran down and beaten. Sonic's fight against Eggman started from these very grounds, and talks have begun about restoring Green Hill to its former glory.

Spring Yard Ruins- An old city created before the formation of the United Federation. Eggman used this spot in his first attempt to take over the world.

Marble Ruins- The ruins of an old kingdom, said to be from the same time period as the Knuckles Tribe.

Soleanna, the City of Water  
An island nation to the southwest which has flourished as of late under the rule of Prince Eliot II.

Castle Town- A quiet part of the nation, sticking to older ways of living. The Royal Castle is also located in this Area

New Soleanna- A modern city that rivals even Central City. Most of Soleanna's businesses are run from here.

Kingdom Valley- A mysterious place only known to few. It's said to hold a hidden power and is very highly protected.

Castlefort, the Stars' Legacy
An island nation to the northeast that has had its borders closed for many years due to its connection to magic and rare resources.  Heavily protected by a powerful magic barrier and guardians of uncanny skill, no outsider has ever succeeded even putting one foot on the island.  Recently, however, there have been talks about opening their borders again...

The Black Forrest- Sectioned off by the rest of the Nation, many dangerous creatures roam here. Aspiring knights and magi are sent here for their final test.

Shrine of Stars- The most holy place in Castlefort, said to be the resting place of the nation's founders and saviors, the Five Stars.

Sirus- The capital city of Castlefort. The royal family, the Pendragons, have their castle open to any citizen of their nation.


Outer Space

Space hasn't been explored that much, but there are two testiments to its glory in Mobius' orbit

Space Colony ARK- Created by Prof. Gerald Robotnik, this is where Shadow the Hedgehog was created. Most of the colony is in disrepair due to lack of use, but the ARK's Eclipse Cannon is still in working order, just without power.

Babylon Garden/ Astral Babylon- An alien spaceship which harbored the ancestors of the Babylonian race. It's powered by the Arks of the Cosmos, five rings that can control gravity. After the Arks of the Cosmos went out of control and almost destroyed the world, Babylon Garden moved up to space, where it remains in orbit to this day.


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